Lupar Falchi Rasado

Quick draw. Quicker wit. Manipulative as all hell.


Rasado is a calm and diplomatic sort, preferring to interact first with words before violence. He is skilled in the art of seduction, and uses it towards his advantage, especially among the fairer sex.

He is quite ambitious, looking to take a piece of Five Fingers, and seeing the disparate pirate groups and his personal band as a means towards accomplishing that goal.


Lupar Falchi Rasado was born in the rugged western kingdom of Ord, raised on his father’s ranch, and taught the art of the gun by the same, the well-reknown gunslinger “Fast-Hands” Rasado. Over the years, his father instilled in him two specific notions:

1) Don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it, but most people deserve it.

2) Life will only give to you whatever you choose to take from it.

As the years went by, young Lupar began to almost subconsciously etch crude runes into his pistol, manifesting some magical ability. His father recognized the trait immediately, wondering if the boy’s latent gifted ability manifest from his mother. Lupar’s father encouraged the boy to continue to experiment, despite the fear of his neighbors at the sign of “the strange Rasado boy.”

Over the years, Rasado crafted several different magelock pistols, always trying different materials to discover the specific combination of metal and runes which would hold his potent shots together. He spent most of his precious little extra money on bullets and casings.

Inspired by his father, Rasado learned to put his magic to work, not only upon his bullets and shots, but also upon others, finding that precision in word was just as powerful, if not more so, than his gun could be. He was well-regarded by the ladyfolk in his home town, and was quite well-acquainted with many of the more exciting ones, to the chagrin of other boys in the town, specifically two brothers.

This rivalry started small, but eventually turned into a full-blown raging battle between him and the brothers. Eventually, the two boys set fire to the ranch’s barn, and the two Rasado men worked at near midnight to pull their cattle from the blaze. Tragically, Lupar’s father was killed – Burned with a flaming beam impaling him to the ground.

Rasado’s rage burned deep, and he swore revenge on those he deemed responsible. In a blistering rage, he imbued his magelock with every bit of power he could muster, and called the names of his father’s murderers. As was the town’s tradition, the boys were given a chance to confess, but protested their innocence.

Despite cries of unfairness, the trial was settled by combat as Rasado called for blood. The boys’ fathers stepped forward, but Rasado refused, insisting the accused should take their rightful places, not cower behind their father’s iron. But the tradition was tradition.

Each fight would be settled independently. Rasado drew first, and killed, not the father, but his eldest son, and then quickly drew his second pistol and put a bullet through the other boy before a word could be said.

The father drew on him, but Rasado simply raised his hands, daring him to strike. Justice was accomplished, but Rasado was unwelcome in his own hometown, and he walked away, only stopping to retrieve some supplies, as well as his father’s old “Fast Hands” leather hat, still hanging in the farmhouse corner.

His future whet with blood and rage, and his past a smoldering crater within which he buried his father, Rasado walked into the future, and boarded a ship to Five Fingers, his magelock slipped carefully into his father’s old cross-draw holster.

Lupar Falchi Rasado

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